Orion visits SXSW

TexasEvery year, Austin’s SXSW brings together a remarkable array of thinkers and performers. From energetic tech talks to impressive concerts and breathtaking films, SXSW embodies the vibrant energy and eccentricity of the city. We had a blast being a part of the SXSW Interactive Festival and trade show last week. And boy, did it live up to its reputation of being an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.

The panelists for “From HAL to Her” sporting the stylish Onyx

Startups and industry experts from all over the world came to display their newest products, apps, and ideas. Among the flurry of festivities, a panel of experts — including Orion’s CEO and founder Jesse Robbins — spoke to a packed the house on a fascinating topic. Titled “HAL to Her: Humanizing Tech Via the Power of Voice,” the conversation revolved around the current and future states and challenges of AI and hardware, and how voice technology will transform the way we interact with the people and devices around us. They also discussed how close we are to a world activated by seamless voice interaction, with products like Onyx.

This was our first large trade show to showcase the new Onyx and see people’s reaction in person. We interacted with many visitors, including the designer of the Star Trek Communicator badge!

Many film crews and event planners were impressed with how beautifully designed, lightweight, and easy to wear Onyx is compared to the bulky walkie talkies they lug around all day. No wires, no distance limitations or ignored text messages. Just voice. “And the battery life of Onyx?,” they asked. “One full charge of three hours will lasts you a full day!”

The bright colors of Onyx caught the eye of a lot of families, but the GPS-based map and ability to simplify busy lives excited them the most. Families were excited to take Onyx on vacations, theme parks, and road trips so they could stay in touch with a push of a button and find where everyone was on the map.

Cyclists and skiers loved the safety aspect of not having to keep their eyes off the road or slopes to communicate with friends. Whether they’re on the slopes or on the trails, they don’t have to turn their heads or raise their voices to send a quick message.

Overall, it was a fun experience for us to finally showcase our new product and see the twinkle in people’s eyes when they tried Onyx themselves. Onyx is not a fantasy — it’s real and will be shipping soon.

Thanks to all that visited our booth and saw Jesse’s panel! We had a blast and hope you did too.

Oh! and if you’re in the Austin area, try Cooper’s Old Time Pit BBQ, Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts, Rainey Street, and catch a tour of the state capital!