Onyx update: a new way to power on/off

We love our customers! Your feedback helps us continue to improve and add new features that make real-time communication easier. Today, we are announcing a few exciting updates based on your feedback.

We are adding numerous stability improvements and increased battery life with our latest firmware update available today.

There is also a new, easier way to power Onyx on and off! We also have a new and more detailed instruction manual.

New power on/off for Onyx

Some of our customers let us know that the twist-and-hold method of turning Onyx on and off wasn’t the most intuitive.

We hear you, and have added a new, simpler way to turn Onyx on and off using the volume button. Hold down volume up (marked ••) for a few seconds until the lights on the face display the power on animation. You will also hear the power on sound as before, depending on your volume level. You can use the same button to power Onyx off.

Hold down volume up (marked ••) to power Onyx on and off.

If you’re attached to the way you’re turning Onyx on and off now, don’t worry: that still works.

How to get this update

In order to turn Onyx on and off using the volume button, you will need Onyx firmware version 2.4.3 or higher. Check your firmware version in the Orion app’s Onyx settings while Onyx is connected to your phone.

How to check your Onyx firmware on iPhone or iPod touch
How to check your firmware on Android


The update should take a few minutes, and Onyx will restart when it’s done. Over the next few days, if you haven’t updated your Onyx, you will receive an in-app notification asking you to update your Onyx firmware. You will need to complete the update in order to keep using Onyx; we want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

The newest version of the Orion app (coming soon!) will include an updated screen with helpful instructions; as a general rule, we recommend updating your app to make sure you’re getting the latest and greatest features and improvements.

We are constantly working to improve your real-time communication experience with Onyx and the companion Orion app. We hope that you enjoy the improvements to stability, battery life, and powering Onyx on and off in this latest release. Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback for us! We look forward to hearing from you.

New Instruction Manual

For folks who prefer a manual, we have a new version available here.

It’s packed with detailed set-up steps, visual aids, and tips and tricks.