Onyx is as good as an extra pair of hands for this busy mom

Mom and daughter smiling at each other

At Orion, we love hearing from our customers. This week, we were excited to hear from Julie, a busy mother who has been using Onyx to make her life easier. With her permission, we’re sharing her story here:

With two kids under five, leaving the house sometimes feels like jumping out of a plane in a flying squirrel suit (I imagine, that’s what it’s like, since I never did that before I had kids, and now it’s off my bucket list for the next 18ish years). You get one kid down the stairs, and the other one has to go to the bathroom. There’s no flying back up though, because the first one is already running down the block.

Onyx doesn’t let me fly back up stairs, but it does mean that I can push a button, and my partner (still in the plane) knows that Thing 1 is incoming, while I can run down the block and wrangle Thing 2. No more futile “yell to talk” up the stairs, which he never hears anyway. No more telling kids what to tell their dad, only to find that the message got waylaid when they found a book or flower that caught their attention or totally change the message. “No, I didn’t want a Ninja Turtle, I wanted my water bottle, but thanks anyway.”

Onyx lets us move our parenting game from bumble ball (you know, when all the kids cluster around the soccer ball) into a graceful zone defense. Push of a button and we’re clear that we’re switching who is responsible for which kid. Better yet, I can push a button and from a safe distance I can say — “Can you check Thing 2’s diaper?” We have a rule that if you find it, you have to change it…

When we go out biking as a family, Onyx makes it easy for us to communicate. Dad can say, “We’re peeling off to take a nap” or I can say “Hey, wait up, I’ve got a flat” while still riding. When we go to a street fair, protest (yes, we’re that kind of San Francisco family), or even grocery shopping, it’s really easy to stay in touch when we lose sight of each other. If we go out with friends we Onyx up and it helps us stay connected without missing the action with our nose buried in our phones. When you’re at the Lunar New Year parade, you want to be looking at lion dances and dragons, not checking your phone frantically every time you get split up.

Honestly, that’s the thing that I appreciate the most about Onyx. It’s handy for coordinating birthday parties (tell everyone it’s time for cake!) but more importantly, as someone who spends way too much time on my phone, it’s a relief to be able to communicate without getting sucked in. Too many times a day I pick up my phone to do one thing (check the weather, check a text) and 30 minutes later I look up from Facebook bleary eyed and lost. I know I’m not going to look fondly back on my hours spent on social media in my golden years. Instead my Onyx lets me really be present with my family.

I get the benefits of being connected through a smart phone, but I don’t have to look at it. Instead I get to stop and splash in a puddle with Thing 2, or race Thing 1 along a beach. Those sweet, giggly moments are little treasures. They’re what makes the sleepless nights, and the years of postponing certain kinds of adventures (like jumping out of a plane in a flying squirrel suit) worth it.

How do you, or how would you use Onyx? Tell us your story!