Introducing App Talk for iOS

Orion App Talk by Orion Labs banner image

What if there were a secure walkie-talkie app that could do more than push-to-talk across any distance?

Now there is. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Orion App Talk.

App Talk enables a new means of communication on the Orion platform, adding more flexibility and convenience for our business users.

To use Orion, you can now mix-and-match with the devices that work best for your team, depending on their needs. Choosing voice communication tools based on how employees actually work and communicate means improved communications for your team.

What is Orion App Talk?

App Talk is a new way to speak with your team on Orion using the Orion app for iOS.

With App Talk, you can speak to teammates using the Talk Button in the Orion app, whether they’re using Onyx smart walkie-talkies or the app. Choose the way that makes the most sense for each person on your team.

Who is App Talk for?

Using App Talk makes it easy to communicate near-instantly with Onyx-using teammates who might be working at other locations, doing hands-on work, driving, or doing other work that requires complete focus.

Orion App Talk is great for staff members who are:

  • Stationed at a desk or
  • Working on a tablet or on their mobile phones

What you can do with App Talk that you can’t do with traditional walkie-talkie solutions:

  1. Instantly translate one language to another with Orion Translator
  2. Start automated business processes with your voice
  3. Search internal and external systems and databases with your voice
  4. Use voice to control smart gadgets, timesheet programs and other voice assistants via IFTTT

How do I get App Talk?

If you’re already an Orion customer and have paired an Onyx, or if you have an Orion Pro account, and you are using iOS devices with Orion, you can use App Talk today. Read the guide for more information.

If you’ve never used Orion before and want to try App Talk, learn more about Orion Pro and contact our sales team for an Orion Pro trial.

To learn more about how professionals use voice communication tools, download Orion’s Voice in the Workplace report, which summarizes original research studying how 900 people use traditional voice tools and presents data from the Orion service.