Hitting the Slopes with Onyx

Over the last few weeks, people all around the United States have been putting their brand new Onyx devices to use. One of the best stories we’ve heard so far? Using Onyx to keep in touch with family on a ski trip.

Meet Andy. He spent his holidays skiing in Lake Tahoe with his family. Before hitting the slopes, he outfitted each of them with the usual helmets, goggles and equipment — but also clipped an Onyx to their outfits.

With several different skill levels represented in their group of four, Andy knew the chances of them getting separated mid-run were high. With their Onyx on, they wouldn’t have to worry about constantly checking phones and fumbling with their equipment in the process.

“I didn’t have to take off my gloves in the frigid conditions — it got down to 18 degrees during the day! — to send a text message that my family members likely wouldn’t have noticed anyways,” Andy said.

Despite getting jostled around quite a bit on the more challenging runs, Andy never had to readjust the clip on his Onyx. It stayed securely in place all day. And even with cold temperatures and wet snow, it worked just as well at the end of the day as it did at the beginning. Battery also wasn’t an issue — both Andy’s Onyx and his phone paired the device held up with room to spare.

“I was a little concerned that battery life might be an issue,” he said, “but it wasn’t at all. After a full charge on each Onyx, they still had some life left after six hours of use. My phone only dropped 15% over the course the day even with the Bluetooth connection active.”

Andy’s group used their Onyx devices to coordinate getting back together after skiing for some apres action, while they watched other skiers get frustrated with unanswered phone calls and unread texts.

“A number of other skiers inquired about Onyx and commented on how useful it would be for them. It made coordinating with others much easier than it has ever been while skiing.”

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