Happy International Women’s Day!

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? We’re sharing some thoughts from the women on the Orion team, as we reflect on this day.

Jessie Sheng, Senior Buyer:

“I’ve taken the bold step to embrace a whole new culture, moving from traditional manufacturing in the midwest to a tech startup in SF. I act boldly by thinking outside of the box, taking on new roles and speaking up amongst the veterans of the company. Orion supports my efforts via cross-functional training, listening to my concerns, and empowering me to make my own business decisions.”

Elise Lawley, Mobile UX/UI Designer:

“Being a young female, Orion has always made me feel comfortable to be myself — weirdness and all. Here, I have the leisure of singing and dancing in the office one minute and then sitting down with my team strategizing the next. From Day One, my curiosity has always been supported. If I want to learn about something the marketing or software teams are working on, I can just walk over and ask. And the best part is everyone is always excited to answer. I think that’s what truly makes Orion special — people feeding one another’s curiosity (no matter how weird the question may sound). Oh and all of our conference rooms are named after famous women in tech – woohoo women rule!!”

Amani Loutfy, Head of Business Operations & Human Resources:

“I love that I get to lead the definition of the culture of this company while growing my skills. I get to write HR policy that takes good care of my coworkers, and I get to work with some of the smartest people I know. It’s bold for me to take on this role because at least 50% of the things I do on a daily basis are outside my comfort zone. I might only have two jobs in my title, but there are three or four other hats that I wear regularly. I know I’m growing because it’s uncomfortable! I have been blessed to have great mentors in my life. They have taught me how to represent myself fairly, how to ask for I want (even when it’s terrifying), and how to shut my mouth when the time is right. I have worked with some truly amazing businesspeople who happened to be women. Under the wings of these women, I have learned that it takes grit to stand up and make the unpopular statement and that I have that grit.”

Ellen Juhlin, Head of Product:

“My career has certainly been non-traditional, jumping from theatrical sound design to pro audio to consumer technology, and that wouldn’t have happened if I had just waited for someone to offer me the next step. Orion is a great place to be bold, with a culture that supports trying new things, and a team that looks at crazy ideas and says, ‘Oh yeah, we could totally do that’.”

Jialin Luh, Head of Marketing:

I’m feeling very grateful this women’s day: grateful for my role models and mentors, both men and women, who have encouraged me to be bold and helped me get where I am. I was scared and excited to move into software, after 10 years working on consumer packaged goods. I was scared to be the head of a marketing team — that’s still scary at times — but I know I’m not alone. This may sound cliche, but it’s true: our culture at Orion is very supportive, and we’re encouraged and expected to act and take risks. Being bold can be scary, but having a strong support system helps.