How Orion Helped Disaster Tech Lab Provide Critical Aid After Hurricane Maria

Rebuilding in a disaster zone makes team communication difficult

Saving lives and providing aid is the central objective for Disaster Tech Lab, a non-profit organization that provides rapid response communication networks for use in disaster relief and humanitarian aid work. In order to do their jobs and provide life-saving care, the team needs to talk in real time. Frequently, they also need to communicate in extremely hazardous conditions.

Following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Disaster Tech Lab deployed a team to provide medical care and deliver supplies.

To communicate with one another, they’d tried to use mobile calling and texting. Unfortunately, with the difficult conditions and terrain, they quickly realized they’d need a more reliable solution.

Solving the problem with Onyx

They invested in Orion, outfitting their team with Onyx and the Orion Push to Talk app. Onyx devices are smart push-to-talk walkie-talkies that enable teams to stay in touch without losing focus.

With Orion, the team has greatly improved the way they communicate. Onyx has boosted productivity and efficiency, which is critical as they provide emergency care.

“Orion has helped our teams to be more nimble and aligned in high-intensity situations,” said Stick Keiner, Technical Project Manager of Disaster Tech Lab. “With Orion, we’ve eliminated unnecessary steps in communicating with one another, which has made us more effective at providing critical help in disaster-stricken areas.”

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To learn more about how Disaster Tech Lab used Orion to improve its hurricane relief efforts, read the complete case study.