Biking with Onyx

This week’s blogpost comes to us courtesy of Ellen, our Product Manager:

IMG_3669To me, the most thrilling experience discovering a new city is on a bicycle. I love getting a feel for the streets and the pulse of life in a new, strange place by exploring on my bike. Seeing the sun shimmer on the buildings and taking in the smells and sounds of a city makes me feel so alive and in the moment. Being on the seat of my bike is a very different experience than the backseat of a car and gazing through the window.

Ever since my boyfriend Rion and I discovered the joy of traveling by bicycle, we stopped feeling like tourists and started experiencing the life of a traveler. And why not always have these experiences? We live in San Francisco, and there are so many different neighborhoods and experiences waiting for us around every corner. We cycle to work at least twice a week. We try to take a different route each time; we have discovered so many cool new restaurants, parks, coffee shops and neighborhoods we would otherwise never have discovered.

San Francisco has a great network of bike paths, and sometimes Rion and I like to bike to brunch on the weekend too. We like to explore by bicycle the neighborhoods we don’t spend as much time in, and in quiet areas that can be fun — but sometimes in busier places, it can be challenging to communicate where to go next. I’m often twenty to fifty feet ahead, but Rion knows the bike routes better. Such a dilemma!

Last year, we biked from Cesar Chavez in the Mission over to Golden Gate Park and back while training for an upcoming biking trip in Bhutan. At one point we ended up on Fell, zooming down a big hill next to three lanes of traffic. It was pretty difficult to communicate about where we should go next, since it would have involved turning my head and shouting back to Rion — pretty dangerous due to the speed and amount of traffic.

IMG_3667Recently, we went on another local bike trip to brunch in Noe Valley — and this time we each wore an Onyx. And even though we weren’t going far, the difference in communication was significant. Instead of having to turn my head and shout behind me, I just pressed the talk button, spoke in a normal volume, and heard a clear reply back shortly after, without ever having to take my eyes off the road. It was also easier for Rion to make route suggestions to me since I didn’t have a great sense of the ideal route. We both felt a lot safer too; we didn’t have to keep watching each other constantly and enjoyed the scenery instead.

Using Onyx while biking almost felt like having a new a superpower, and removed one of the most annoying things about biking with friends. It’s a must-have for exploratory biking!