Communicating Across Your Small Business

Case Study: Mrs. Patel’s


In our 24/7 culture, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make time for both your family and your business. The world expects business owners to be on top of their jobs every hour of every day. While being available and accessible to employees and business partners at any time is a necessity, it can wreak havoc on your family life. By connecting her team with Onyx, Anhoni Patel was able to successfully balance life as a mother and owner of Mrs. Patel’s while increasing the efficiency of her business.

Mrs. Patel’s provides bars, crunches and teas using the time-honored principles of Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, to help nursing mothers heal, deal with postpartum depression, and increase their milk supply. As a food and beverage company, Patel and her staff need to be ready at a moment’s notice to fulfill demand, cook and prepare their products, and receive delivery shipments from suppliers.


Small business owner Anhoni Patel


The Pain Point

To keep her business running at peak efficiency, Patel and her foreman check in multiple times a day about production, inventory and packaging status. Connecting was tricky whenever she was in the office or off-site, instead of in the kitchen.  Frequently, Mrs. Patel would have to interrupt business operations and rush to reach her foreman when she was in the office upstairs or call while she was out of the office. This disrupted her focus and caused chaotic conversations, misunderstood orders, and delays.

Her busy staff, focused on creating their products, would not hear delivery people at the door, causing suppliers to call Patel directly at all hours of the day, whether she was at work, running errands, or caring for her two children. Without a good way to communicate with her staff Mrs. Patel would have to interrupt the other parts of her life to deal with the suppliers. And if Mrs. Patel did connect with her staff via a phone call, her staff would have to stop what they were doing, wash their hands, and re-glove after every phone call in order to comply with hygiene best practices.


The Solution

By integrating Onyx into her workplace, Patel and her foreman can quickly and safely communicate throughout the day. “Unlike a walkie-talkie, Onyx isn’t fussy or bulky,” says Patel. “It works in dead zones, and provides security beyond what an affordable walkie-talkie can deliver.”

Onyx is easily clipped to the foreman’s apron or sits on the work table. Without having to step off the line, or remove their gloves, Patel’s staff can press Onyx’s convenient push-to-talk button with their elbow or wrist to instantly talk to Patel without any hygiene risk. Now, the staff at Mrs. Patel’s communicates as needed, reducing rushed end-of-day conversations, misunderstandings, and delays.

Patel, enjoys being able to keep Onyx tucked inside her purse or clipped to her shirt. By streamlining communication, Patel can run a successful business while maintaining her personal life. “Not only are my team and I more productive with Onyx, but I can keep my work-life balance.” – Anhoni Patel

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