Conference Report: Launching Orion Sync at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 in Los Angeles

Ellen Juhlin, Orion’s Head of Product, on the Consumers and Natural Language Interfaces panel at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018.

Los Angeles – On Wednesday, September 12, we announced Orion Sync™, our new LTE connected voice communications device, at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018. This year’s big mobile confab was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, a first-time venue for this event. Next to the Staples Center, and with preparations for the following week’s Emmy Awards in progress, LA excitement was in the air.

The Star of MWCA: Orion Sync

Orion debuted Orion Sync on the first day of MWCA and invited all attendees to see and try out this brand new communicator.

Visitors from carriers, chip makers, technologists, manufacturers, and more got excited when they learned what possibilities Orion Sync creates for enterprise productivity. With one lightweight wearable device, teams keep in touch at any distance. They can also use all of Orion’s superpowers, like translation, panic workflows, and other voice bots.

On the Conference Track and Beyond the Trade Show

What happens on the show floor is only a fraction of what’s happening at a trade show. Of course, most shows also have panels, workshops, presentations, and forums to educate attendees on the latest technology and strategy. Long-time Orionite Ellen Juhlin, Head of Product, spoke on Friday’s panel on Consumers and Natural Language Interfaces. Orion is a leader in voice interfaces, and Ellen shared her expertise, mentioning: “Enterprises are looking to Orion to implement heads-up voice workflows for their employees to optimize their business processes.” Other participants: Google, Pandorabots, Avaamo.

Despite the hubbub of the tradeshow floor, the real action takes place away from the eyes of most attendees. MWCA brings together top industry players, making it a great place to strengthen existing connections and build relationships with new partners and customers. We were excited to finally show off to all our partners what Orion Sync can do.

Industry Trend: How Carriers Are Handling 5G

A walk around the two exhibit halls left little doubt about this year’s trends: 5G and IoT/connected devices. 5G is the next generation of wireless technology, the latest “G”. All of the big mobile operators are at some stage of deployment of 5G networks.

5G technology will have high reliability, greater speed, and low latency. Most importantly for companies like Orion, the ability to connect a lot more devices at once. Unlike earlier technologies, each carrier has a slightly different take on it. One thing is certain – carriers are already testing or even deploying 5G. In fact, Verizon outfitted the Los Angeles Convention Center with a 5G node for the show. Similarly, AT&T will have launched 5G in 12 cities by the end of this year and seven more at the start of 2019. AT&T’s 5G devices will fall back on LTE where 5G is not available yet.

Momentum and More to Come

Thanks to all our partners, contacts, and new visitors who we met at MWCA. Did you want to more about Orion but you didn’t have time to meet with us at the show? Send us a note on our Contact page or message us on Twitter.