Introducing Orion Sync™, the next generation of LTE-connected voice

Orion Sync - Stay heads-up and productive

Big news from Orion Labs: As we announced today at Mobile World Congress Americas, we’re incredibly excited to introduce Orion Sync™, our new LTE-powered wearable and the next generation of connected voice technology.

What is Orion Sync?

Lightweight and rugged, Orion Sync is a brand new kind of voice wearable for organizations that want to keep their teams heads-up and productive.

Combined with the power of the Orion Labs platform, enterprise users in hospitality, construction, healthcare, public safety, and dispatch-related industries benefit from enhanced communications capabilities and workflow integrations via voice bots.

How Orion Sync works

Orion Sync - Standalone LTE voice wearable

With Orion Sync, you enable your mobile workforce with superpowers. Press the big blue talk button using your finger, hand, or wrist — with or without gloves — to get your message across.

Got an emergency? Use the dedicated EMR button to alert your team and initiate safety workflows required in numerous industries.

Use the voice action button on the side to control Orion Sync with your voice, issue voice commands, or even invoke a specific Orion voice bot.

Built for a wide range of demanding environments, Orion Sync offers:

  • Orion’s award-winning voice services on an LTE-connected wearable
  • True versatility with multiple communication functions including PTT, voice-driven action button and EMR/panic
  • Voice-assistant-like superpowers like real-time language translation, inventory look-up, panic workflows, and more
  • Rugged durability to keep your team connected and productive

Weighing only 125 grams, Orion Sync is a compact, wearable device for large organizations, designed with strong encryption for secure communications, and equipped with LTE connectivity.

Why we built Orion Sync

If you’re familiar with Orion, you already know about Onyx, the award-winning, tethered smart walkie-talkie that teams have been using for years. The industry hailed Onyx as a “real-life Star Trek communicator” and awarded honors for design and innovation.

Building on Onyx, we then added even more ways to use Orion: AppTalk, AppTalk Plus, and Orion Radio Bridge. Our customers have made huge productivity gains using Orion, and they also revealed enormous demand for a standalone voice tool that was rugged and could connect anywhere.

Because of this demand, we created Orion Sync to fulfill those important needs. Orion Sync further modernizes push-to-talk tools with untethered LTE connectivity. We’re proud to announce Orion Sync as the next generation of connected voice wearables.

Learn more

Want to learn more about Orion Sync and request to be contacted when it’s available? Read the press release or request a meeting via the form on the Orion Sync page to get started.