How Does Onyx by Orion Help With Business Automation? [Video Review]

Automate Your Life - Review Video for Onyx - Volume 4 - Business Automation

In this video review, Brian Read from Automate Your Life discusses adding business automation to create commands, alerts, and tasks using IFTTT. Business integrations are some of the most powerful applications of the Orion platform and Onyx. Let’s take a closer look.

If you missed the previous video and want a more general introduction to Onyx and IFTTT, view volume 3 here

Set Location-Based Triggers

Learn how to set a custom voice alert for your team that sounds when you enter or leave a location. You can achieve this by creating an IFTTT integration using a Location trigger (IFTTT’s Location triggers rely on the IFTTT app).

Provide Better Customer Service with Door Alerts

For any business, customer service is a top priority. So it can be crucial to know exactly when someone has come into your place of business and might be waiting for help. With Orion, IFTTT, and your Samsung SmartThings-enabled door, it’s easy to create a spoken alert that lets you know right away when someone has opened or closed your door. You can create your own custom alert or quickly set up Orion’s pre-configured Applet for SmartThings-enabled doors.

Business Automation for Better Building Security

Another reason you might want to hear spoken alerts for your business’s building doors is for security purposes. If your building has a door necessary for operation but infrequently opened (for example, you receive shipments through a side door), you’ll want to know right away when a vendor has entered the building. Even your staff, who interact with field visitors and vendors daily, can use these spoken alerts, which allow them to stay heads down or step away momentarily without missing a thing.

Create Tasks and Log Work by Voice

Also in this video, Brian introduces an idea useful for anyone who needs to coordinate work for a fast-paced team: task creation and logging. Using the Samsung SmartThings example from before, Brian adds a new integration that creates a “store cleanup” task whenever the selected door is open. Creating written tasks is a perfect way of ensuring that important work doesn’t get forgotten.

There’s another way to create tasks: by using your voice. Onyx, when paired with IFTTT, can listen for trigger words and phrases and take action. If you’re constantly thinking of work to be done but can’t always take note on your pen or phone, let Orion help you document tasks.

Simply set up a custom IFTTT integration so Onyx listens for a specific phrase (for example, “to do item”) and then records it by sending an email or logging it in a spreadsheet. (By the way, this idea isn’t covered in the video, but it’s a natural addition. If you’re trying to set this up and want help, contact our Support team.)

Likewise, you can use Onyx to record when team members have finished their tasks. It’s as easy as having Onyx listen for a trigger word or phrase — like “cleanup complete” and then logging the task as completed with a calendar event or a spreadsheet entry.

Watch the entire video to see how to set up business automations step by step:

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  • 2:00 Location triggered events using phone-based location triggers
  • 2:55 Using SmartThings-enabled doors to send voice alerts and trigger tasks
  • 4:41 Adding applets that help you follow up on tasks you’ve created
  • 6:38 Email automation for business

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