Video Review: An In-Depth Look at Automations with Orion Onyx and IFTTT

Automate Your Life - Samsung SmartThings - Spoken Alerts - Volume 5

Curious how you can add automations to your Orion groups or hear spoken alerts with your Onyx? Here’s how an expert does it.

Build Your Own IFTTT Automations with Onyx

In this review video from Automate Your Life, Brian Read digs into a few of the most useful automations you can set up with Onyx and IFTTT.

If you’ve been thinking about connecting IFTTT automations to your Orion groups but aren’t sure how to do it, watch this video to see how easy it is to build your own automations. You’ll also discover a few automations that aren’t possible with voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa.

5 Automation Tutorials

  1. Get notifications through Onyx whenever a calendar event on Google Calendar is coming up.
  2. Hear alerts about your Samsung SmartThings sensors, like when your refrigerator door is open.
  3. Hear spoken alerts for eBay auctions for important purchases.
  4. Have Orion tell you when you’ve been tagged in a photo on Facebook.
  5. Have important email messages read aloud automatically by connecting your Onyx to Gmail.

If you’re brand new to Onyx, you can get started quickly by downloading the Orion app, turning on your Onyx, and logging into IFTTT on the web.

Again, we’re thankful to Brian Read from Automate Your Life for his series of videos explaining Onyx and how automations with Orion can save time at work and home.

Watch the entire video to see all five of Brian’s automation tutorials:

Advance the video to these times to skip to specific topics:

  • 0:15 How to connect your Orion account to IFTTT
  • 1:24 Setting up a custom automation with Google Calendar
  • 2:16 Setting up custom alerts from news services
  • 3:14 Connecting to appliances like Samsung SmartThings
  • 3:37 Hearing alerts for photo tags on Facebook
  • 4:12 Spoken alerts for eBay auction listings
  • 5:18 Alerts for Samsung SmartThings sensors such as alarms
  • 6:09 Have Orion read emails aloud

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