Orion + IFTTT: Use your voice to get more done from anywhere

Orion integrates with IFTTT (woman driving)

Today we’re proud to announce that the Orion Voice Service platform now integrates with the automation service IFTTT.

This integration means that even more people, not just developers and technologists, can combine their favorite tools with the power of voice technology.

Our mission is to help you be more productive by connecting you with your team and with your business systems. We build custom apps for customers that plug in directly to business-critical systems and IFTTT is the next step in empowering customers to bring voice technology to their business.

What is IFTTT?

The IFTTT platform (“If This, Then That”) is a free automation service. It gives people the ability to add and create countless connections between services and connected devices. These connections are called Applets, and today they can connect your Onyx and Orion account with other services and devices you already use or own.

One way to use IFTTT with Orion is to make sure you never miss an important discussion. Get a text message whenever someone in your Orion group says “management meeting” or “customer complaint”. Timely notifications like this help you join relevant conversations right away. You can also connect things like Google Calendar, WeMo, and SmartThings to Orion to control items or get important alerts.

Bringing productivity superpowers to wearables

“This partnership between IFTTT and Orion Labs enables what has long been elusive on wearables: productivity,” said Ramon Llamas, Wearables research manager for the market analysis firm International Data Corporation. “Users can send and receive information unobtrusively, saving time from taking out a smartphone or tablet and responding accordingly. Best of all, it keeps them in the moment, so that their eyes and hands are free to complete their work.”

Try out the IFTTT integration for Orion

Want to know more and start using Orion’s Applets? Visit our IFTTT page to learn more.

Don’t yet own Onyx and want to try out IFTTT with Orion? Onyx is on sale for 20% off, now through December 15.