5 Voice-Powered Productivity Applets for Onyx Using IFTTT

Orion Voice Platform plus IFTTTToday we announced our partnership with IFTTT to help you be more productive by automating everyday work tasks and help you do even more with your voice. You don’t have to invent and build automations by yourself. Services like IFTTT make it easy to set up automations and notifications with special triggers. And they work with tools and other connected devices you already use. Orion’s IFTTT applets for Onyx add even more usefulness in addition to the push-to-talk service so many businesses rely on.

To use IFTTT Applets, you’ll need:

  1. Onyx smart walkie-talkie — on sale now for 20% off through Dec 15!
  2. Your Orion account (if you already use Onyx, you’ve already set this up)
  3. An IFTTT account

To connect your Orion account with IFTTT, visit https://ifttt.com/orion and click “Connect”. Then log in using your Orion account email and password, and click “Authorize”.

Before we dive in, it’s useful to know that at a high level, IFTTT works by connecting triggers to actions. Here are Orion’s triggers and actions:


Orion triggers and actions on IFTTT

Every service that plugs into IFTTT has triggers and actions, too. Get familiar with our IFTTT Applets, and soon you’ll be making your own.

Applet #1: Get a text message when someone in your Orion group says a particular word or phrase

Orion SMS IFTTT AppletGet notified through SMS when a key phrase is spoken by a team member on Orion. If you use Highlight Words in Slack, then you’ll find this works similarly.

Who to use it with: Your employees or coworkers

What it connects: Orion + phone

How to set it up:

  1. Make sure Onyx is on and connected (you’ll speak into it to test).
  2. Open the Applet Text me when someone says a particular word or phrase and click “Turn on”.
  3. You’ll then likely help IFTTT confirm your phone number.
  4. Now choose the Orion group you want to monitor and set the trigger word or phrase that you want IFTTT to listen for. Make sure the “Who says it?” option is set to “anyone”.
  5. For testing, try setting it up with the phrase “management meeting”, and then tell Onyx, “The management meeting is at eight o’clock.”
  6. Check your phone. Did a message appear?
  7. To test again, have another person in your Orion group say “management meeting” to Onyx. You should still receive a text message. Notice how the text message alert changes.

Applet #2: Get a voice notification on Onyx when you receive email from a VIP

Orion Gmail IFTTT AppletMake sure you don’t miss important emails when you’re not in front of your computer or checking your phone. This is great for anyone who needs to stay heads-up for long periods of time but is still accountable to email.

Who to use it with: Your most important customer, your boss, or perhaps an executive like the head of customer support at your company

What it connects: Orion + Gmail

How to set it up:

  1. Turn on and connect Onyx, so you can hear the alert.
  2. Open the Applet Get notified on Orion when you receive a new email from a VIP and click “Turn on”.
  3. You’ll likely need to log in to your Gmail and authorize IFTTT.
  4. For testing purposes, enter an email address you own and finish setting up the Applet.
  5. Now test your Applet by sending an email to your work Gmail address. You should hear a voice alert on Onyx within 3-5 minutes.

Note: You can set this alert up so only you can hear it, or you can let everyone in an Orion group know when a specific person emails your team. Lastly, if you’d like the notification sent to a specific person in your Orion group other than yourself, ask them to configure this IFTTT Applet themselves.

Applet #3: Get a voice notification when a door opens

Orion SmartThings IFTTT appletUse this as a visitor doorbell for showrooms and lightly staffed offices, or for your own front door.

Most interesting use: Know when a secured room has been opened

Who to use it with: Your office staff or your family

What it connects: Orion + SmartThings

How to set it up:

  1. Turn on and connect Onyx.
  2. Open the Applet Get notified on Orion when your door opens and click “Turn on”.
  3. You’ll likely have to connect IFTTT to SmartThings and make sure your SmartThings device is working. Then simply open the door and listen for the Orion alert.

You can set this alert up so only you can hear it, if you don’t want the notification to go to the entire Orion group. To have the notification sent to a different person in your Orion group, have them install this IFTTT Applet instead of you.

Applet #4: Hear a 15-minute reminder before your next meeting

Orion Google Calendar IFTTT appletThis one seems simple but has applications for numerous businesses. You’ll hear a voice notification 15 minutes before your next calendar item starts.

Use this Applet to get voice alerts for your meetings so you don’t have to regularly check your phone or computer. Wedding planners could use their calendar to set up voice alerts for event setup: “Photographer arrives”, “Catering setup”, “30 minutes before ceremony”.

Who to use it with: Yourself

What it connects: Orion + Google Calendar

How to set it up:

  1. Turn on and connect Onyx.
  2. If you’re testing the Applet, make sure you’ve got a few meetings set up in your Google Calendar, starting one minute apart (so you hear several test messages on Onyx).
  3. Open the Applet Hear a 15-minute reminder before your next meeting starts and click “Turn on”.
  4. Then listen for your test messages. Did you hear the calendar item titles?

For this Applet, you’ll probably want to set it up so only you hear the notification, so that others in your Orion group aren’t reminded of your meetings. And remember: you’ll get the notification only when Onyx is connected, so keep Onyx on during business hours.

Applet #5: Toggle your WeMo smart plug on or off with your voice from anywhere

Orion WeMo IFTTT appletControl your smart home gadgets by voice when you’re out out and about. Often this means a lamp or possibly an entertainment center. You could also use this Applet to remotely power-cycle equipment for troubleshooting.

Who to use it with: Yourself or your IT team

What it connects: Orion + WeMo

How to set it up:

  1. Turn on and connect Onyx.
  2. Ensure your WeMo plug is set up and working.
  3. Open the Applet Say “WeMo smart plug” to toggle your WeMo Smart Plug on or off and click “Turn on”. You’ll likely have to give authorization to connect WeMo and IFTTT.
  4. Now push Onyx to talk and say “WeMo smart plug”. Did the light or appliance change?

Stay tuned for more ways to use your Onyx with IFTTT

There are even more Applets on our IFTTT page, including ways to get notified when Orion adds new Applets. Expect to see more rolling out in the future.

In the meantime, want to share your experience with IFTTT or ask a question? Let us know by emailing support@orionlabs.io.