Automations: Get More Done with Less Distraction

Automations - Orion works with IFTTTDo you ever feel like you’ve got way too many apps, devices, and services to check, just to find what’s most important to you?

While new services and products are launching every day, it can be hard to make the most of tools we already use. Even seemingly simple things like email, calendars, and smartphones can be overwhelming to keep up with.

What if there were something that could help you stay the most up-to-date across all your tools?

Let’s look at how automations help you and why they’re worth your time.

Automations = Your Tools + Your Priorities + Your Data

Automations are all about taking what you already use and making them work together in a better way. You likely already use technologies such as online calendars, SMS (texting), and email.

Did you know that you can make these tools work for you while you’re doing other things? Spending 15 minutes to set up an automation can save you hours over the course of a month.

For example, if you need to track your work hours on a daily basis, you could make your phone do the work for you by filling out a spreadsheet every day when you leave work. This could save you 20-30 minutes each week by automatically recording your work hours, so you don’t have to think about how you spent the last week.

Examples of Ready-to-Use Automations

The great news is you don’t have to invent and build automations by yourself. Free services like IFTTT (If This, Then That) make it easy to set up automations with specific triggers. And they work with tools you already use. Millions of people have already added small automations into their workday using IFTTT. Here are some of our favorite examples of automations for work:

  1. Get a text message with today’s weather forecast
  2. Track your hours based on when you arrive and leave a work site
  3. Track miles driven with text messaging
  4. Save package tracking information in Google Calendar

Productivity Automations from Orion

We’re excited to be partnering with IFTTT to help our own customers automate their everyday work tasks. Orion has its own integrations built into IFTTT that are powered by voice. By connecting an Orion account to IFTTT, you can:

  1. Get a voice notification when a VIP emails you
  2. Get a voice notification when a secured office door opens
  3. Speak to turn office devices on and off

To learn more about Orion’s IFTTT automations, check out this article. You can start setting up and using automations in just a few short minutes.