Connect Your Team to Supercharge Your Business — 7 Reasons to Switch to Onyx

In today’s changing world, companies that adapt quickly to new circumstances can gain an advantage over those that do not. The same is true for communications technology. Finding better ways for your team to communicate in real-time can help you gain an advantage over your competition. Our goal at Orion is to help teams stay connected to do their best work and be more productive together. To that end, we’ve listed the top 7 reasons you should switch to Onyx and Orion’s Voice Service.


  • 1. Stay Focused on What You’re Doing

No matter your industry, Onyx helps you and your team stay heads-up, with your eyes free to focus on the work at hand. From delivering merchandise, to building new park trails, or framing the perfect shot, Onyx provides communication while keeping you focused on the job. With Onyx, a field technician can quickly communicate with the rest of the job team and headquarters that a new obstacle has come up, without taking their hand off a ladder, for example.

Don’t just take our word for it. See how business owner Anhoni uses Onyx to manage the logistics of her busy food company. Or learn how Ariana, owner of a high-end festival fashion company, stays in touch with her team in the workshop and on the road.


  • 2. Easy to Use

With Onyx, you can instantly chat with your team by pushing the convenient talk button, minimizing the need to dial multiple phone numbers or spend time typing out a text. It’s compatible with your teammates’ existing smartphones and there’s no need to memorize channels or radio frequencies. And unlike traditional radios, Onyx is smaller than a wallet and weighs three times less than an iPhone 7. It can be clipped on to a shirt collar, lanyard, apron or pocket without weighing you down like bulkier equipment might. Talking to your team is as simple as pushing the talk button — even with gloves on or while driving.


  • 3. On-Site or Off-Site, Unlimited Range

With Onyx, “line of sight” is a phrase you can retire.  Onyx connects directly to your cell network or Wi-Fi through your phone so you stay connected with your team no matter how far apart you are. And unlike some other push-to-talk options, you’re not limited to one specific carrier. Our mobile app and web-based admin dashboard (available for Orion Pro users) are designed for flexibility and control, making it easy for you to add or move group members, and manage user permissions as your staffing or project needs change.


  • 4. Low Cost

With Onyx you don’t have to buy channel licenses, spend time on FCC training, or invest in complicated equipment. Instead Onyx works with iPhones and Android smartphones your workforce is already using, making it easy for an employee to grab an Onyx and go. No more worrying about how systems will integrate, FCC fees, or delayed on-boarding due to specialized licensing.


  • 5. Multi-faceted Team Coordination in Real Time

Beyond the convenience of the Onyx push-to-talk button, another feature our customers love is being able to see team-member locations in real-time on the Orion mobile app. This map pinpoints the location of every member in a group, and makes collaboration faster and easier by eliminating the need for repetitive “where are you?” back-and-forths.

The app also provides a quick way to invite others to a group conversation with invitation links you can share via text, email, or calendar.

Orion Pro provides managers the ability to easily manage groups and users on-the-fly or on a computer.


  • 6. Security

With Onyx, you can feel confident your communications are secure. Your important business information is protected from unauthorized access. Unlike a walkie-talkie where anyone can listen in or a cellphone where conversations can be collected, Onyx delivers secure communications through in-stream encryption that is FIPS 140-2 compliant. And for discreet conversations in public, Onyx has a headphone jack to use with a standard 3.5mm earpiece.


  • 7. Extended Battery Life

Last but not least, Onyx has 12+ hours of battery life on a charge. That means there’s less to worry about during a work shift. And if Onyx does run out of power, you can charge it on the go with a standard micro-USB cable, and still use it while it’s charging.

Looking to grow your business, cut costs, and increase your team’s focus and productivity? Learn more about Onyx today. Want to connect? Visit us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.