Streamlining Film Industry Communications

Stop by Booth B123 at Cine Gear 2017

Media and entertainment professionals need to stay in constant communication with different teams on the set, at the studio and around the world. Today, teams like yours make due with old school walkie-talkies and cell phones. Walkies reach the critical team on site, while your mobile phones find team off-site. But if your PA is not near while you’re trying to organize that day’s lunch with the caterer, you still need to talk into the walkie in your left hand and into the cell phone in your right hand.

What if there were a better way?

We are excited to be exhibiting at Cine Gear Expo on June 2nd and 3rd. Let us show you the power of Onyx, a fashionable accessory that uses cell phone networks to connect groups. No longer do you need to fumble between a walkie-talkie and a cell. With Onyx, you can chat in real-time on-site and off, both with colleagues who have a device and vendors who don’t.

We’ve all had that experience where our hands are busy, yet we need to reach out to a co-worker or vendor. With Onyx you can keep your hands – and your eyes – on what you’re doing, and still stay in constant contact. Onyx can be activated with the touch of a finger (or an elbow), making your communication solutions simpler for improved collaboration in everyday situations. Whether you’re setting up lights, ferrying equipment, or framing the perfect shot, focus on your passion – let us take care of communication.

During the Expo, Orion Labs will be at booth 123 outside of the B-Tank area. If you still don’t believe that Onyx could help your team, come by the booth. We’ll be showing the differences between a traditional, unwieldy walkie-talkie, and Onyx. If you can guess the difference in weight between the two you’ll be entered to win two Onyx for free. We’re giving away a two-pack each day we’re there, so there are multiple chances to win.

Interested in more productivity tips for your business? Try this post. If you’re looking to upgrade your team’s communication, check out Onyx today.